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Microgaming Casino is the product of choice for operators who want immediate access to the best online gaming content available on desktop and mobile.

Hosted, updated and managed by our dedicated team, the platform is designed for rapid deployment and seamless integration. A single installation provides access to all Microgaming Casino products and games, including bingo. Each configuration can be customised to meet the individual needs of operators. Our multi-site, load-balanced infrastructure is robust and reliable. Processes are fast and efficient. And our technology is scalable, making it easy to update and expand.

Branded slots including Terminator 2™, Jurassic Park™, Game of Thrones™ and Bridesmaids™ are available alongside in-house and development partner content. New releases are added monthly. The platform hosts the largest progressive jackpot network in the world. And through iQ, our web-based game management module that works out of the box, full control of free games, achievements, players, incentives, and bet settings is just a click away.


Integrating seamlessly with third-party gaming systems, iQ works out of the box on desktop and mobile to provide you with a powerful set of features that combine to enhance gameplay, increase player engagement and extend lifetime value. You can go far with a little iQ, what could you achieve with a lot?